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Dr Catherine Holloway

GDI Hub Academic Director and Co-Founder

Senior Lecturer, UCL Interaction Centre, Computer Science Department, UCL

Contact for all research matters and academic collaborations, as well as advice on useable assistive technologies, transport, robotics, new power sources and interfaces, accessibility of the built environment, issues relating to ageing, and measuring clinical parameters in the real world. View IRIS Profile

Victoria Austin

GDI Hub Strategy & Partnerships Director and Co-founder

Head of Paralympic Legacy & Sport, London Legacy Development Corporation

Contact for all partnerships with government, charity and industry, as well as advice on policy and social and economic development issues relating to disability and inclusiveness.

Iain McKinnon

GDI Hub Head of Inclusive Design, Co-Founder and Lecturer: MSc DDI

Project Sponsor: Inclusive Design, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Honorary Lecturer, UCL

Contact for advice on inclusive design, masterplans, new and existing buildings, accessibility products and the operational aspects of venues and live events.

Maria Kett

MSc DDI Co-Director and GDI Hub Co-Founder

Head of Research, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, UCL
Assistant Director, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, UCL

Contact for advice on disability and international development, particularly in conflict- and disaster-affected countries, with regards to health, education, human rights, poverty alleviation, and the consequences of social exclusion. View IRIS Profile

Rosemary Frazer

GDI Hub Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Contact for advice on inclusion and stakeholder engagement, developing public policy and campaigning and advocacy strategies within the voluntary sector; and the delivery of training in campaigning and advocacy skills, particularly in the disability sector.

Louise Gebbet

GDI Hub Senior Events, Communications and Fundraising Manager

Until March 2018. Contact for information about external GDI Hub events, publicity, media engagement and external fundraising.

Paul Steynor

GDI Hub Research Development Manager

Research Development Manager, Loughborough University London

Contact for strategic support in relation to income generating activities, primarily through the submission and subsequent awarding of research grants, across the partner organisations of the GDI Hub. View academic webpage

Mikko Koria

Lecturer: MSc DDI

Associate Dean for Enterprise, Loughborough University London
Professor of Design Innovation, Loughborough University London
Director, Institute for Design Innovation

Contact for advice on managing user and customer involvement in new product, service and business development, co-creating value in the (new) creative and culture industries, and applying design(ers') thinking into new and disruptive business models; the relationship between design and culture; and the relationship between the development of innovative policies and research on the delivery of relevant and coherent services; as well as transformational leadership, activism and critical thinking in design management and practice. View academic webpage

Edwin Phiri

Lecturer: MSc DDI

Subject leader (Marketing) in the Fashion Business School, London College of Fashion, UAL
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Contact for advice regarding strategic marketing, marketing communications, branding management and strategy for accessibility products.

Lucy Tallentire

UCL Computer Science Communications and Marketing Manager

Contact for requests to update content on this website, information about seminars and internal events (and external GDI Hub events from March 2018), publicity, media engagement and access to UCL services (including room bookings). View UCL webpage.

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